What Happened at Corvus CRO This Week

The Experiment Overlay can now trigger variation switches for experiments with delayed activation
The Experiment Overlay now triggers variation switches for experiments with delayed activation

Variation Switching for Experiments With Delayed Activation

The Corvus CRO Experiment Overlay will now properly switch variation bucketing on client-side Convert Experiences experiments that do not activate on initial page load. Typically, these are experiments set up with JavaScript based targeting conditions or manually activated via JavaScript API. Some common use cases for these types of activations are: experiments that should run only when specific element(s) are present on a page, or in response to a user action like clicking a button or watching a video.

Grilling With the Team

Once a month, we have an informal company dinner hosted by one of our staff. It’s the hosts responsibility to prepare the meal and entertain at their home. Having dinner at someone’s home invites open, non-work related conversation. Connecting over food and drink is a major way that we strengthen our team bonds.

This month it was my turn to host. Here’s the menu:

Mistakes were made: I ended up burning the asparagus tips, and we didn’t take any pictures. That’s okay though, mistakes are learning opportunities. Next month will be better, for sure.

A/B Testing Happy Hour

A/B testing happy hour

Another one of our monthly endeavors is organizing a local A/B Testing Happy Hour every second Wednesday of the month here in our home base of Cincinnati, OH. Last Wednesday we enjoyed some fine conversion optimization discussion coupled with blood orange raddlers and raspberry-lemon hefeweizen on the newly opened rooftop bar at Braxton Brewing. If you’re ever in the area, then please join us!