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Folders that were created automatically in Google Drive for each split test

Automating File Organization through Split Test Project Management Process

File organization is one of those tasks that always seems to fall through the cracks. Everyone has their own personal methods for setting up folders and naming files. Compound that with cloud storage, which is great for file sharing but can easily create more issues when multiple users can manipulate files and folders. A solution intended to foster collaboration ends up creating more friction. Asset management policies are something that should be established and adhered to at an organizational level.

One big problem with asset management policies is that it’s tedious for individual users to adhere to. While not particularly difficult, cutting corners is easier when you’re in the thick of production. File and folder names with “new”, “new new”, “final”, etc. start cropping up. When does a file stop being “new”? 1 week later? 1 month? 6 months?

Corvus CRO is taking one small step towards simplifying asset management by automatically creating a matching asset folder any time a split test moves into the “build” (production) stage. Folders are placed in an “Experiment Assets” parent folder, which is within the client’s root. Having a consistent location makes them easy to locate. The auto-generated folders have the same name as the split test, making it easy to cross-reference with the test itself.

While not comprehensive by any means, this is one small step towards a more robust asset management system. It sets a baseline, makes production tasks just a little bit easier, and opens up opportunity for automating away other tedium in the future. Not everything needs to be a giant leap forward. Lots of little steps can get you to the same place, but the fall isn’t as far if one doesn’t work out.

Organization is key to any successful conversion optimization program. Trapped in a web of asset files? Have a bunch of folder names that don’t make sense? Can’t get a handle on your split testing process? Corvus CRO can help. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us today.