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UI tabs for displaying Airtable views on a client portal
UI tabs for displaying Airtable views on a client portal

Higher Visibility for Test Management Data

We use Airtable for collating experiment data from all of it’s various sources: internal, client, testing software, analytics software, project management software, etc. This experiment data forms the backbone of our testing process; it’s used for things like hypothesis construction, test prioritization, project management, triggering automation, and reporting.

Because “Transparency and Honesty” is one of our core values, we want to make sure that clients can view all of their experiment data on demand, at any time. However, creating additional accounts isn’t a viable solution for us. Because Airtable’s pricing is per user, costs would quickly balloon up as program maturity rises and more people get involved in the testing process. Also, a high level of data integrity is critical to the testing process. More users with editing privileges means more potential for loss of data fidelity. For these two reasons, we’ve opted to not set up user accounts for clients.

Airtable offers a couple different ways of sharing data to non-users. Private links can be enabled per view, allowing anyone with a link access to see that view. Maintaining a list of links would be cumbersome, so there’s also the ability to embed a view via an iframe, which is our current solution for data transparency. We have individual portals set up for each client. Airtable views for that client’s data are placed into tabs. Clients can easily view all of their test program data from their portal.

If data transparency is as important to you as it is to us, then we’d love to talk. Is finding the right information difficult? Struggling to make sense of all your testing data sources? Corvus CRO can help. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with us today.