What Happened at Corvus CRO This Week

A/B Testing Happy Hour

September AB Testing Happy Hour Meetup banner, design inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog

September’s A/B Testing Happy Hour had the best event turnout to date! A great big thank you to everyone that attended; hope to see you in October, and many more in the future. There were some wonderfully interesting conversations around the role of data science in testing, integrating and scaling testing programs within a company, and some good ol’ nuts-and-bolts test build process. Moving locations to 16-Bit Barcade really helped with accessibility. Unfortunately there was an issue with the beer taps, so we all had to make do with cans, bottles, and poured drinks. The bourbon drinkers of the group were totally cool with that.

Hosting at 16-bit gave us a fun theming idea to design video game inspired custom banners for each monthly event. September’s banner was based on the start screen for the original Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis. Voting is open to choose next month’s theme: go vote on Twitter!

If you’re ever in the Cincinnati area on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, come join us; we’d love to meet you in person. Your fist beer is on us! The October meetup has been scheduled. You can always join the Cincinnati Split Testers meetup group to get updates and event notifications.