What Happened at Corvus CRO This Week

Feature Update and Bux Fix for The Result Scraper Tool
Feature Update and Bux Fix for The Result Scraper Tool

Automatic Detection of Winning and Losing Variations

If the Primary KPI is set for an experiment record in Airtable and a matching goal is found, the Result Data Scraper tool will now automatically detect the best and worst performing variations. Manual selection will be displayed as a backup if the Primary KPI is not set or a matching goal is not found. This makes the scraper a little bit easier to use, automating another bit of data entry if possible. Properly declaring a Primary KPI during the idea stage of an experiment results in less work in the completion stage. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Bug Fix for High Conversion Counts

Discovered and resolved a bug in the result data scraper tool if both the amount of conversions and visitors are both over 1,000. The regex used for stripping non-numeric characters from the conversion and visitor count strings did not have the global flag applied. For high counts on both conversion and visitors (for example: 3,521/119,347 conversions/visitors) only the first comma was being stripped. This was causing an error when attempting to push the visitor count into Airtable, since only numeric data would be accepted by that field. More robust string parsing and sanitization has been put in place to resolve this issue and help future-proof against other potential string parsing and conversion issues.