What Happened at Corvus CRO This Week

Screenshot of the Corvus CRO Hypothesis Builder
The Hypothesis Builder helps you easily assemble and validate a split test hypothesis

The Hypothesis Builder

Launched the new split test Hypothesis Builder tool that helps you prepare and proof split test hypotheses. It’s a “fill in the blank” style form that assembles sentences from form inputs. Proofing is provided by having all inputs be required. If you don’t have enough information to complete every input, then it’s probably not a strong enough hypothesis to test. You’ll need to refine your theory a little bit more.

Matt presenting about statistical significance and sample size
Web Optimization: The Good, The Bad, and The Inconclusive

CohereOne Summit Presentation

I presented a pre-summit intensive for the digital track at the 2019 CohereOne Summit. The presentation started off with a brief explanation of what a split test is, followed by the value proposition of Conversion Rate Optimization, and outlined the scientific loop/process for building split tests. The brief CRO overview was followed up by 3 examples of split tests with differing results. These test case studies demonstrated why it is important to plan out tests and formulate hypotheses based on site analysis and data collection. Later sections emphasized how and why planing split test duration is critical to test program success.

The entire presentation is available for viewing and download at SlideShare.