CROWeekly: Automated Notification Emails

Automated email notifications

What Happened at Corvus CRO This Week Notification Bot Gets an Email Address A few weeks ago, the Slack Notification Bot went live. This week, I taught the bot how to email. Clients can now get automatic email notifications any time a test moves into the QC stage. Some additional bot updates in the pipeline: […]

CROWeekly: Experiment Notification Bot

Experiment Notification Bot for Slack

A functional first version of a Slack Experiment Notification Bot wired up with Zapier. The bot triggers off moving experiment cards between Kanban board columns in Airtable.

2019 CohereOne Summit

CohereOne 2019 Catalog & Integrated Marketing Summit

Corvus CRO sponsors the 2019 CohereOne Summit Corvus CRO is excited to sponsor the 2019 Catalog and Integrated Marketing Summit. The Summit is hosted by CohereOne and runs from April 24-25 in Philadelphia, PA. Registration is FREE for retailers! The Summit is an absolute must-attend event for merchant companies desiring to integrate print and digital […]

Opinions Are Bad Business

Don’t invest time and money into bad changes because someone thought it was a good idea. Use qualitative data to find places for improvement. Use quantitative data to make sure the change provides ROI.